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  • Kevin Johnston

Brokers are the unseen Superhero's

Why use a broker? There are a few reasons to use a broker when it comes to commercial finance. Change is happening, the big wigs and fat cats have stated we are heading towards a recession. Lenders are reacting with a tightening of various criteria and industry analysis. If you are not aware of these changes, you could spend hours wasted pitching to a host of lenders that are not interested in lending to you.

How can we help as a broker:

  • Save you time phoning/meeting 6-10 lenders.

  • Avoid the long no. Some lenders can string you along for 6 months before saying No. Not because they are mean, sometimes they just like talking to someone.

  • From dealing with banks daily we have inside knowledge of their systems and sweet spots for lending.

  • Can save you money, by getting a better deal on fees and rates.

  • We can negotiate with lenders on security levels, projections, valuations etc. In the last number of years we have negotiated reduced fees, rates and had PGs dropped from security requests.

  • We are fully informed on new lenders coming to market.

“Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”– Iron Man

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