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  • Kevin Johnston

How fast is fast? £200,000 in 8 days.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

When it comes to business, speed is often the key to success. That's why we pride ourselves on providing fast and efficient services, and can meet the immediate needs of our clients when necessary. Recently, we had the opportunity to demonstrate just how quickly we can move when a wholesale exporter approached us for a business loan.

The client needed £200k to expand their operations and meet growing demand for their products. They had approached several lenders but had been turned down due to a lack of collateral. However, we saw the potential and the greater story, and were willing to work.

From the initial application to the loan being drawn down, the entire process took just 8 days. In less than 2 weeks, we were able to source and approve a £200k business loan. This was made possible thanks to our streamlined application process and our commitment to providing fast and efficient service to our clients.

The client was understandably thrilled with the speed of our services, and the loan has enabled them to take their business to new heights. With the funds in hand, they were able to purchase new equipment, expand their workforce, and increase their production capacity. They have since reported a significant increase in sales and are on track to achieve their growth targets for the year.

This success story is just one example of the speed and efficiency that we can offer. Whether you need a business loan, financial advice, or any other type of financial service, we are committed to providing you with the fastest and most reliable service possible.

So, if you're looking for a financial partner that can help you achieve quickly and efficiently, look no further. We have the expertise and resources to help you succeed, and we're always ready to move quickly when opportunity knocks.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve big results, fast.

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