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  • Kevin Johnston

Positive Outlook for Northern Ireland's Agricultural Sector: Farm Incomes Show Growth in 2022

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has published the provisional estimate for farm incomes in Northern Ireland for 2022, revealing encouraging results for the agricultural sector. Let's look at the key findings.

Total Income from Farming (TIFF) and Gross Output: In 2022, Northern Ireland saw a significant 17.4% increase (11.3% in real terms) in Total Income from Farming (TIFF), reaching £605 million. The Gross Output for agriculture also surged by 23% to £3.07 billion, with notable growth in the livestock, field crops, and horticulture sectors.

Dairy and Cattle Sectors Shine: Dairying remained the dominant contributor to Gross Output, with a remarkable 40% increase to £1.13 billion in 2022. The cattle sector also performed well, witnessing a 16% rise in value. Sheep output showed a positive trend with a 6% increase, amounting to £106 million.

Positive Trends in Other Sectors: The poultry sector experienced a 16% growth, reaching £376 million, while the egg sector saw an 18% increase to £148 million. Pig output recorded a significant 24% rise, totaling £259 million. These figures highlight the sectoral strength and potential within Northern Ireland's agricultural landscape.

Challenges in Farm Inputs: While output and income showed positive growth, farm inputs faced challenges. Feedstuffs costs increased by 22%, reaching £1.18 billion. The cost of fertilizers and lime also rose significantly, impacting overall input expenditures.

Farm Business Income: Farm Business Income is projected to increase by 10% per farm, rising from an average of £43,100 in 2021/22 to £47,305 in 2022/23. Dairy farms are expected to experience substantial growth, while other farm types may encounter challenges.

The DAERA report highlights positive growth in farm incomes and Gross Output for Northern Ireland's agricultural sector in 2022. The surge in Total Income from Farming (TIFF), increased output in various sectors, and the resilience displayed contribute to the sector's overall strength. As Northern Ireland navigates challenges and pursues opportunities, these results provide valuable insights.


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