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  • Kevin Johnston

Collaboration - remotely or in person?

We spent yesterday morning with a great team discussing, refining and agreeing thoughts on existing finance deals. The guys were over from Scotland for the day to ensure, as lenders, they understood the detail behind the Financial Packs we had sent. This is an excellent way to bring the information packs to life.

The face to face also allowed both teams to collaborate on potential upcoming deals and new sectors and regions the lender is considering. As a group we were able to outline potential routes to accessing niche areas of the finance market.

Collaboration with great teams has always helped us improve the way our team works together and problem solves. Through listening to and learning from other professionals, you can help each other reach your goals. It takes hard work and a bit of time, but collaboration is worth it for the benefits your team will gain. From collaboration, we have benefited from more efficient processes, increased success and improved communication.

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