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Not all funding needs repaid

Updated: May 9, 2022

Do you qualify for a grant?

Wouldn't it be great if your funding didn't have to be repaid?

We have seen a recent rise in small and medium sized businesses applying to match their external funding with grants from local government bodies. Grant funding helps to maximise the money available to the business and is a great cash injection with no repayments to be managed or planned for. Grants can also boost external funding acceptance.

If you have a business project or process that will help you increase sales or employment then you may qualify for grant funding.

1. Have a project goal

2. Plan how to reach pre-defined targets with the grant

3. Define what resources are needed to reach the goal

The application process needs to be carefully managed and planned. Don't expect funding quickly (although a client did get a project grant approved within 4 days last week, a shock to everyone involved). Our application preparation and submission experience ranges from R&D, employment, new tech and revenue project. Remember there are strict guidelines and criteria for the provision of grant funding and competition to get the dollars!

Contact us if you would like to have your business assessed for grant funding. No obligations attached.

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